15 Instant ways to increase your credit card debts

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In addition to failing to have more information before going for a credit card, most credit card debt problems are usually a result of neglect and bad ways of usage. If you are still unsure why so many people out there are stuck with their mounting credit card debt problems, you might want to read on to find out 15 Instant Ways To Increase Your Credit Card Debts.

1. Using credit to extend your income and make ends meet.

Most people use their credit cards to make everyday purchases that they cannot afford to pay for in cash. The credit card becomes their instrument for rolling their purchases and before they realise it, they have racked up a big credit card debt which they are unable to pay.

2. Not paying credit card bills on time

Late payment fees and interests can add to your credit card debt. Procrastination does not pay you but it makes you pay instead!

3. Putting daily expenses on credit

Getting into the habit of using a credit card to make tiny purchases that you could easily pay for with cash. Even a trip to the local convenience store is funded with a credit card without keeping tabs on the monies available to pay for them at the end of the month.

4. Gambling

Gambling online or offline with your credit card can spiral out of control. Haven’t you heard about the evils of gambling?

5. Using your credit card internationally

When you use your credit card for international transactions, there are usually extra charges and fees imposed, not to mention exchange rates which could possibly be more inferior to what is being offered by money changers.

6. Having too many credit cards

When you have too much available credit, it is easy to quickly charge up more than you can afford to pay. Keep you wallet thin. Remove and cancel those additional credit cards you do not need.

7. Using a credit card for a major purchase

Purchasing a car or something of high value can surely increase your credit card debt. Have you considered whether you can pay for it at the end of the month when you receive the credit card bill?

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8. Taking out cash advances

Cash advances usually come with high service fees and possibly higher rates, if not the maximum.

9. Adding additional names to your card.

Adding additional names to your card or lending your credit card to your girlfriend or brother means it is out of your control and anything can be charged on it, which you will still have to pay for. You can keep tabs by limiting their credit but your girlfriend might leave you for that.

10. Paying for your vacation with your credit card

Don’t go for a vacation unless you can pay for it in cash. Take a walk around the park instead.

11. Using a credit card to pay tuition

You would be better off using a federal student loan.

12. Using your credit card to chase after reward points, frequent flier air miles or cash back.

If you can use your debit card to pay for the bill, don’t be tempted by the reward points, frequent flier air miles or cash back that come with certain credit cards. These rewards are meant to be rewards, not goals for you to achieve.

13. Signing up for the first credit card offer that comes your way

Just because you can apply, doesn’t mean you should go for every offer that you come across.

14. Using your credit card to improve your score

It will work if you can keep up with the payments but it is easy to become overburdened if not done properly.

15. Misusing balance transfers

A balance transfer is meant to put your credit on a better rate. Once your balance transfer is complete, it is best to cut up the other card rather than continue using it. Some transfer their balance for a breather but fail to keep tabs on their spending and as a result, their credit card debts continue to mount.

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