Bank BMG Credit Card: Know more about it!

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Learn more about the Bank BMG Credit Card, which leaves traditional banks behind bringing unlimited transfer and withdrawal services, in addition to working with the cashback program and also has a digital account and WhatsApp service.

We live in a time when banking innovations keep coming up, and right now all banks are rethinking the way they carry out their bank transfers. And that would not be different with the fintechs’ strong competition in relation to traditional banks.

But we must not forget that traditional banks have a much larger presence in the financial market than fintechs and are still having to adapt to what customers are looking for today in digital banks.

A strong example is the BMG bank, which currently offers completely free online services so that customers do not face long lines or bureaucracy in processes.

How does Bank BMG Credit Card work?

The BMG bank offers a credit card with no annual fee, which offers several benefits to its customers.

It does not have a surprise fee and serves by the international flag, so it is accepted in several establishments all over the world, can be registered in the MasterCard Rewards program so that the customer accumulates points and has unlimited free withdrawals in the 24-hour and Withdraw and Pay networks.

Whenever the customer uses the Bank BMG Credit Card he / she will have the opportunity to add money, there are services that are offered free of charge that help the customer to save.

An example of this benefit is the cashback program, the more the customer uses his credit or debit card in his purchases, a percentage of the value returns in cash.

Cashback on credit

The customer will be entitled to receive back up to 0.80% of the amount spent after payment of his invoice.

Cashback on debit

The customer will be entitled to receive back up to 0.30% of what he spent on the debit card after the purchase within a period of up to 7 days.

To activate Poupa for me, which is the exclusive and free benefits program to save money from the BMG bank, it is necessary for the customer to access the bank application and click on the save for me tab and perform service activation.

After that, you must choose the benefit plan within the plan that best fits your profile and start using your card to earn cashback.

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What are the benefits and discounts when using the Bank BMG Credit Card

Using the Bacnk BMG Credit Card, the customer is entitled to several discounts when purchasing electronics, televisions, games and several other state-of-the-art items.

You can even set up the kitchen of your dreams with incredible discounts and furnish your home with practical and simple small appliances.

Some of the well-known brands offer factory discounts for BMG customers are: Brastemp, Electrolux, Multilaser, Consul, LG and Samsung

Some places where you can make purchases and enjoy these benefits are: Amazon, c & a, Netshoes, O Boticário and Droga Raia.

And how does the famous BMG virtual piggy bank work?

Anyone who is a Bank BMG customer and uses Bank BMG credit cards also has this gift. The program saves for me works in the form of rounding cents in relation to the purchases that the customer makes, thus adding this difference without his noticing and automatically.

For example, if you make a purchase and spend R $ 80.90, your card will be charged R $ 81.00, the difference in cents will go to your digital account.

The R $ 0.10 cent difference will go to your virtual piggy bank and the establishment will receive the normal amount for the purchase.

This service also works for debit cards, payment of bills and transfers and payment of slips.

It is important to remember that in order for you to enjoy all the services, advantages and benefits it is important that you are an account holder of the BMG digital account. With the bank application it is possible to carry out the entire conference of services, financial transactions and benefits to which you are registered.

Just access your application or internet banking to activate the service saves me, if you are not an account holder and want to apply for the Bank BMG Credit Card just download the application and make the request to open an account and ask for your card .

After the credit analysis, if everything is in order in a few days, your physical card will be ready to be used.

Do you want to know more about it? So follow our other content and always be well informed. Don’t forget to share on your social networks with your friends.

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