Havan Credit Card – How to apply, Limit, Fees, Benefits

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Havan Credit Card is a retail company, founded by Luciano Hang and Vanderlei de Limas in 1986, in Brusque – Santa Catarina. The company currently has more than 135 branches, distributed in 17 Brazilian states. In addition, it has a catalog with more than 100 thousand national and imported products

With the popularization of technology and the arrival of new forms of business, the retailer launched its own credit card that promises to make customer purchases less bureaucratic and more convenient, since from ordering the card, until the payment of the invoice can be done from home.

This was a great strategy for the store, currently valued at R $ 10.5 billion, as it increases the purchasing power of its customer, while generating more profits for itself.

How does the Havan Credit Card work?

The Havan card can provide several advantages for store customers, as it offers an attractive credit option, in addition to exclusive promotions and good payment conditions. In addition, it also has advantages that go beyond the financial aspect, since the monitoring of invoices and expenses is done online, allowing a lot of practicality in the user’s life.

How to order and required documents

The process to request the store card is quite simple, just download the application that is available for both Android and IOS. After finishing the installation it will open a login screen, where you will be asked for some registration data, such as: RG, CPF, proof of address, proof of income and finally, it will ask you to create a password.

To have your credit approved it is necessary to be of legal age, with proof of at least

at least one quarter of services and not obtain negative analyzes at SPC and Serasa. After completing the registration, you will receive an email, or SMS, with the description of the process.

Is it possible to obtain a Havan credit card by being self-employed?

It is quite common for freelancers to be in doubt as to whether they will have their card approved, since they do not have a fixed income. But the answer to this question is that it is possible to make the card, as long as the client meets the requirements and documents already mentioned above, and, in addition, present specific proof of income, such as the Self-Employed Payment Register.

What is the limit for a Havan Credit Card?

When your request is approved by the store, you will receive a card with an initial limit stipulated according to the profile created by the company during its data analysis. However, you can request limit increases through the Havan application itself, starting a new analysis process.

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Does the Havan credit card have an annual fee?

One of the greatest benefits of the Havan card is that it does not charge a cost and annual fee.

Another interesting factor is that the customer does not necessarily need to carry the card when making a purchase, as the app provides a digital version with the same effect as the physical.

Does the Havan credit card have a flag?

The credit card provided by Havan is what is called a “Private Label”, which means that it is for the exclusive use of the brand and can only be used in one of the more than 100 Havan stores throughout Brazil.

Havan Credit Card Benefits

In addition to the various advantages and amenities already mentioned, the Havan credit card also has numerous other features and practicalities, which we list some below:

  • At the time of the first purchase, you will be given a period of up to 40 days to pay it off;
  • Possibility of payment in installments in up to 10 installments, without any additional interest being charged or the need for an entry fee;
  • Several promotions and exclusive benefits for cardholders;
  • If you want, you can request extra cards to add dependents, as long as they are at least 16 years old;
  • Card purchases can also be made through the store’s website;
  • If you need a 2nd copy of the card, it will be granted free of charge.

Havan Credit Card Fees and Interest

The Havan card draws a lot of attention by offering the possibility of credit, with no annual fee, and the absence of interest on installment purchases up to 10 times. However, the store does not provide what are the fees charged in cases of delay or installments greater than 10 installments.

Havan Credit Card App

Another difference is the application that provides a digital version of the card, being as valid as the physical version. In the application it is also possible to follow the updated statements, receive the invoices, besides being through it that the card itself is requested.

Havan Credit Invoice

Invoices are available on the Havan website and app, but if the customer prefers, they can request that a printed version be sent monthly through the Post Office. Payment can be made at Havan cashiers or by bank slip.

Final considerations

Because it is a card without flags, from some major credit network, its use is restricted to Havan stores, making it truly useful only for customers of the chain. Furthermore, it is good not to be fooled by the initial advantages, as there are several other factors and service fees that need to be taken into account.

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