Inter bank credit card: Discover the advantages and learn how to get

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We created this content so that you can understand more about bank Inter and all its advantages over other fintechs of its kind and of course how to get the famous Inter bank credit card.

How does Inter Bank work? What’s your story?

For those who do not know bank Inter has existed for over 23 years and even that was not always its name, formerly it was called bank Intermedium and in 2017 there was a change to a diminutive bank Inter.

Its fintech category, where it is currently a digital bank completely online and without branches.

And precisely for this reason, as it does not have physical agencies and of course it is completely digital, the impact was positive directly in the client’s pocket, thus zeroing its rates. According to reports from the bank itself, today it generated savings of more than R $ 1.2 billion reais in fees.

Here comes the question: if he doesn’t have an agency, how’s the money going? It’s simple! Through electronic transfers via TED or deposits via boletos directly into the account, the Bank does not charge for these transfers.

Therefore, whichever type of interbank credit card you choose, you will have access to top-ups, bill payments, 24-hour withdrawals, free and unlimited transfers, real estate financing, a non-annual card and a cash deposit via boleto. Bank officer.

Over time, it has grown and established itself as one of the largest digital banks and currently has more than 6 million open accounts, of which 762 thousand are active in the financial investment that the bank offers. Even the bank has a must-see offer for your Inter bank credit card. Ask for yours!

What types of technology does bank Inter offer?

As a fintech, technology is on your side and that is why we have selected some advantages that it can offer to its customers when purchasing their Inter bank credit card.


Through the QR code, it is an automatic payment system where the application reads directly from the camera. With it it is possible to scan and make payments, transfers between bank Inter accounts and purchases in registered places without the card.


It is a way of using the Inter bank credit card via an approach contact without the need to swipe the card through any machine or even enter your codes or passwords.

Its use is very simple, the customer passes the card in the machine approximately to the contacter signal that is at the top and after that he will hear a beep and the purchase will have been made. If the value is greater than R $ 50.00 it will be necessary to enter the password for security, always checking the purchase price and if there was the type of transaction in the correct debit or credit.

In addition, this card is an excellent option for those who do not wish to pay an annual fee, to have access to numerous benefits with one of the largest digital banks in the country.

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What types of Inter bank credit cards are currently offered?

Today, Inter bank has 3 types of Inter bank credit card to offer to its client and each one has a different functionality due to the consumption profile of the target audience.

Gold Card

International card serving under the Mastercard banner and accepted worldwide, is accessible to all bank base customers in the credit function.

Inter bank credit card Platinum

Indicado ao público que possui mais de R $ 50 mil reais em investimento no banco e realizado diretamente através da plataforma Inter.

Black Card

Indicated to the public with high purchasing power, also known as Mastercard Black and to obtain it it is necessary that the client has at least R $ 250 thousand reais in investments offered by bank Intern through the Inter platform.

But unfortunately he does not participate in the Mastercard Surprise program.

There is no charge for fees and annuities like all other cards. In addition to being black, the client has access to more than 440 VIP lounges worldwide, including travel insurance, car rental, lost luggage insurance, travel consultants, private planes and yacht rentals.

Comparing with other banks

Today, even if the customer has or does not have the Inter bank credit card, he still has benefits compared to other banks. Nubank, for example, charges a withdrawal fee of R $ 6.50. The Neon bank, on the other hand, offers only 3 free withdrawals to its customers and after that it charges R $ 6.90 each.

To have a digital checking account at the Next bank, it is necessary to pay a fee of R $ 9.95. The C6 Bank offers up to 4 free withdrawals and then charges R $ 5.00 each extra.

And unlike all the banks mentioned above, Inter bank does not charge any fees, no fees and does not limit the amount of withdrawals in the month.


We can conclude and we hope to have shown all the advantages of having an Inter bank credit card, in addition to showing how the bank is accessible to the population due to the exemption from charges or fees.

It also has options for cards for customer profiles with high bank turnover, in addition it offers its own Home Break platform for investments and brokerage for free and without any fee. It is worthwhile to be a customer of this bank.

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