Meliuz credit card: No annual fee and Cashback

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Learn more about the platform that provides coupons and cashback, the service where you can get the money back for your purchases, find out all of this directly by the Meliuz Credit Card.

For those who do not know, the meliuz platform was created with the objective of providing benefits in relation to cashback and discounts for the customer in their purchases, it offers discount coupons that can be used in the most diverse and well-known e-commerce, such as:

  • Aliexpress;
  • Shoptime;
  • One two three miles;
  • Magazine Luiza;
  • Submarine;
  • Amazon;
  • American;
  • IFood;
  • McDonalds;
  • Free market;
  • Urban Hotel;
  • Sephora;
  • Among others.

The Meliuz Credit Card cashback service works in a simplified way, the customer registers directly on the platform and activates his browser to search for discounts (through an extension), whenever he makes a purchase with the Credit Card. Meliuz credit will be verified if the e-commerce has discount coupons and their variations, including the meliuz platform itself, it will be able to indicate the percentage of cashback realized by that chosen store.

So you can accumulate money and from R $ 20.00 you can make bank transfers without any fee, each time you refer a friend to enjoy the benefits you will earn R $ 5.00 exclusive bonus.

It is also important to note that there are physical stores that work with méliuz’s cashback service, offering unmissable discounts.

The méliuz platform has partnered with Banco Pan, thus launching its Meliuz credit card, which offers a cash-back service in cash or cashback and does not charge any amount for this service.

The benefits of using the card are great, with each purchase that the customer makes using the card, you can have up to 1.8% of your money back, in addition to the credit card uses the international Mastercard banner, allowing for the payment of large purchases in installments. and no annual fee.

What are the differentials of the Meliuz Credit Card?

With méliuz card you will have the autonomy to be able to control all your financial expenses through the Banco Pan platform, in addition to being able to check all cashback receipt at the end of each month when your invoice closes, you will also be able to participate in the Loyalty program that highlights all purchases that have been made.

In addition, with the use of the Mastercard banner, the customer will be entitled to participate in the MasterCard Rewards program, surprise and also for the services of Mastercard Global Service

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MasterCard Global service and Mastercard surprise what they are?

In the MasterCard Rewards program, the customer must register his Meliuz Credit Card directly on the program website and will earn one point each time he uses it to make purchases or payments, as soon as he accumulates five points he will already be eligible to be able to use your score as a bargaining chip to purchase products or services. The system works on pay 1 and take 2, in addition to vouchers for benefits and services.

With Mastercard Global service, the customer will be entitled to VIP service in relation to several Mastercard partners if he goes through an emergency situation, especially in cases of international travel.

Do I need a minimum income to use the card? Do you accept negatives?

One of the great advantages in using the Meliuz credit card is that it does not require proof of minimum income, its only requirement is that the client is over 18 years old.

On the issue of negative customers, the company has not yet positioned itself correctly in terms of credit for people in this profile. But it is important to note that the customer will undergo a credit analysis like anyone else if they apply for the card.

Are there any rules in the Meliuz Credit Card loyalty program?

The only rule that the Meliuz Credit Card cashback loyalty program is related to the percentage of the service plus the value of your invoice. To be clearer, the higher the bill, the greater the amount of cashback you will get.

In a simple example, if you spend from R $ 0.00 to R $ 750.00 you will not be entitled to cash back on all your purchases, now if you consume over R $ 750,000 up to R $ 1,500.00 you will be entitled to a 0.5% cashback and from this value 0.8% cash back on your purchases.

Are there any disadvantages to using the card?

Regarding the Meliuz Credit Card that uses the cashback program, the disadvantages are very few in relation to the benefits, such as: there are deadlines to be used and redeemed, the client must be at least 18 years old to make the request of the card and of course you will have a percentage of the interest rate if you delay payment of the invoice.

How to apply for the Meliuz Credit Card?

The process is very simple, just go directly to the Meliuz Credit Card website and make the card request, fill out the form with your personal data and wait for the response by email within 7 business days.

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